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No two escrows are the same, but did you know the escrow process can be fairly easy for all parties involved? It can – as long as you follow a few gr [more]
FSBO (pronounced fizzbo) is real estate lingo for For Sale by Owner, and it’s a term that you’ve probably heard before. Most people who seek to sell their [more]
At the end of the year, your escrow account — the account where your mortgage company holds the money to pay for your taxes and homeowners insurance [more]
When you’re buying a home, the escrow period — that time between having your offer accepted and having the keys in your hands — can drive even the mo [more]
So you want to save that hefty real estate commission? Many people buy or sell their first nests as a For Sale By Owner. When you sell your home through a [more]
What type of investment property is best? This question comes up more than any other from long-term buy-and-hold investors. Which is the best investment fo [more]
The housing market crash has become a distant memory, and home prices are looking healthy again. But does that mean there are good opportunities for invest [more]
You’ve found the ideal house, and the seller accepted your offer. You’re giddy with excitement and want to move in – tomorrow. Not so fast; the [more]
When you get a mortgage, the lender usually adds the property taxes and insurance premiums to the monthly payment, setting aside the money in an escrow acc [more]
Buying a house is a minefield full of “I didn’t know thats.” From choosing the right home to qualifying for the best mortgage, you want to minimize the thi [more]
Whenever buyers put down less than 20 percent on a home purchase, chances are good the lender will require a mortgage escrow account. A mortgage escrow acc [more]
Apartment building loans are a lot like other residential real estate financing. It all starts with a property, borrower and lender, and it all ends, if al [more]